Our solution is generic and flexible. It is applicable to a wide range of industries such as manufacturing, retail, franchising, service, construction, education and non-profit. Here are some testimonals and recommendations –

Sarah Thomas, CEO, Stockport CP

“Stockport CP have completed a Business Support review over the last few months, looking at all our back office functions such as Training, Services, Finance and HR. We needed to ensure that these functions were all operating according to our new way of working and that our services were being supported in the best possible way.

One of the recommendations was to improve our internal procedural documentation to help new and existing staff to better understand how to complete tasks.  We soon realised the biggest challenge was how to present information easily, simply and quickly. The ultimate gauge was the ease with which the reader could access the procedures, read them, and navigate around a broad range of sections and pages.

VIABA had the perfect solution for us. Within two weeks we had converted the many documents we wanted to present into a network browser based experience for our team that was very easy to read. It allowed us to use simple layout and formatting to give a professional presentation, and enabled us to easily link pages to other pages, to files and to external web-pages for reference.

We could not have achieved such a simple point-and-click experience for our users any other way.  It was an ideal solution for us, and we were up and running very quickly.

We were very comfortable with the amount of effort needed to achieve this as well.  After just one hour of training we understood what we could do and how to do it, including practical guidelines, rules, and conventions.

We can now see great potential for using this solution more widely.  It is very easy to use, and we are excited about how much more we can achieve with it.  We have no hesitation in recommending the VIABA online documentation hub solution for any organisation to navigate any type of operational documentation.”

Sarah Thomas

Chief Executive Officer

Stockport CP

Salli Ward, Strategic Manager, Time Out Group

“The services and support provided by VIABA Limited in setting up our documentation hub have been hugely helpful.

We needed to conform to a standard way of working across many systems and procedures, and the platform has enabled us to provide easy access to staff, trustees and volunteers.

Everything can be located and intuitively followed in a straightforward manner. The accessibility encourages compliance, reduces human error and frees us up to focus on providing vital services for vulnerable people.

We would heartily recommend VIABA Limited to any company or organisation.”

 Salli Ward

Strategic Manager

Time Out Group

A selection of recommendations from a range of other customers –

“Your contributions have been invaluable” Cindi Schmittlein

“You’ve been a complete star supporting us through so much, sharing your knowledge and putting up with so much mithering!” – Caroline M. Hickey

“You have been a great asset to the project” – John Stone

“You did an excellent job for us” – Mandy A Garratt

“We wouldn’t have managed so well without you” – Shelley Williams

“You’ve been great to work with and I’ve learned a lot from you” – Kathie Sweeney

“I don’t know what I would have done without you!” – Helen Treece

“Thanks for all you support, guidance and advice – you’ll be sorely missed by the team” – Catherine J Scott

“I found your contribution invaluable, and I know that the whole of the team I worked with did too. You are a lovely person to work with, very approachable and happy to help at all times” – Jenny Burke

“Many thanks for all the hard work and commitment. It’s been great working with you and hopefully it won’t be the last time!” – David Bishop

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