With the VIABA Online Operational Knowledge Base –


  • Any operational users can be allocated direct responsibility for updating content because they all have the necessary authoring tool and associated skills already, so maintenance is never an issue

  • Maintenance is easier than with traditional documents in folders because the content is visible and can be navigated intuitively, which reveals what else might be affected by any given change..

  • Business, IT and regulatory changes are absorbed more easily, enabling the content to be kept accurate and up-to-date at all times..

  • Distribution lists are no longer needed for anything to do with the documentation and there are no longer any links or copies in inboxes or on hard drives, so there is no inadvertent use of obsolete document versions

  • Content that is presented as an intuitive, browser-based experience is referred to more frequently by users

  • User suggestions for improving the content are incorporated rapidly, building a sense of collective ownership

  • New and redeployed users hit the ground running and are fully productive more rapidly

  • There is less reliance on local knowledge and less time is spent helping or seeking help from others

  • Documentation is brought to life and continuous improvement becomes the norm

  • On top of all this, tracking of page accesses demonstrates compliance to internal quality assurance, external auditors and regulatory bodies


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