Does your process and operational knowledge comprise a number of documents stored online in repositories and shared drives?


If so you’re not alone. Whether it’s business processes, work instructions, standard operating procedures, GDPR-related documents, ISO-related documents, human resources documents, finance and SOX-related documents, franchise-orientated documents, project-related material, design/development/manufacturing artefacts, validation documents in a regulated environment, virtual team collaborative work products, education/training material, policies, standards and guidelines or service descriptions, that’s what most organisations have had for more than 25 years.


It’s not exactly digital age technology! Granted it’s easy to store documents, but the flip side is it’s harder to govern it all and there are inherent problems with usability. Let’s face it, a single, intuitive, online place to point and click would be much better, but the only way to have that has been to migrate to a new online authoring tool to manage all the content.


There are countless online tools out there to choose from. Even if you think you’ve picked the right one there will be disruption to your day-to-day operations, and then you’re left with yet another layer of operational skills to manage and a bottleneck for content maintenance.




We have devised a way out of this dilemma, and now you don’t need to pick any of them!


Our solution allows any employee to be delegated the direct responsibility of managing a scalable framework of linked online pages for your staff to seamlessly and intuitively navigate and understand.


You don’t need an IT project. You don’t need any help from technical specialists. You don’t need a new online authoring tool or a new documentation storage solution. You certainly don’t need any new operational skills!


In fact you don’t need anything apart from the VIABA business method enabled by an innovative new software mechanism called EUPUT, the End User Page Upload Toolkit. It converts documentation created with any everyday  authoring tool (such as MS Office® or Google Docs®) into linked online pages, and gives you control over user access and navigation.


EUPUT is so simple to use even a 12 year old child can use it!




The method is very effective.


Documentation will be easier to find. It will be easier to follow. It will be easier to maintain. There will be no links or copies in inboxes and hard drives. There will be no distribution lists to manage. Business, IT and Regulatory changes will be absorbed more easily.


Users will refer to it more frequently. Their suggestions for improvement will be incorporated rapidly. They will know and trust the content. There will be no need to rely on local knowledge. New and redeployed users will be fully productive more quickly. Automatic tracking of page visits will demonstrate the level of user compliance.


This all adds up to increased operational quality, compliance, agility and productive time.




We will help you launch and govern an initiative to restructure your operational documentation and create an intuitive online user experience. The initiative will be 100% business-led involving an incremental approach, and operational benefits will be delivered at every incremental step.


We can do the restructuring work for you, or we can show you how to do it yourself and provide support.


There will be no disruption to operations. On the contrary, immediate return on investment will accumulate as the initiative gathers momentum!


Once you’ve chosen the VIABA solution for building an online operational knowledge base, you’ll never look back.


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