Most problems in organisations are operational in nature. After 40 years in industry supporting businesses operationally, Brian Worthington developed a business idea and launched VIABA Limited to deliver simple and effective solutions to those problems.

Brian Worthington, Director, VIABA Limited:

Rather than look to systems for a solution to operational problems, you might do better to start by focusing on the operational documentation itself in terms of how it is defined, used and continuously improved. Doing that well is always a challenge. A digital-age blueprint would use the online environment to deliver a single, intuitive source of business documentation. However there needs to be a simple way to create and maintain the content without needing a new online authoring tool capability and without anyone having to acquire any new technical skills. This is the way.

What Does VIABA Stand For?

VIABA Limited was originally registered as a company when the founder Brian Worthington was working as a consultant in the Pharmaceutical Industry. The company name was an acronym for the skills that he specialised in, namely Validation, Information Architecture and Business Analysis. Subsequently it came to light that in the Southern Indian Badaga language the term ‘viaba’ by chance had the meaning ‘trade/business/commerce’. For that reason, VIABA Limited have adopted the same pronunciation as in the Badaga language – ‘Veer Bar’.

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VIABA Limited is also registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office under registration reference ZA334438

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