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Brian Worthington, Director, VIABA Limited:

“Most problems in organisations are operational in nature. After 40 years in industry supporting businesses operationally, I developed a business idea and launched VIABA Limited to deliver simple and effective solutions to those problems.

Rather than look to systems for a solution, you might do better to start by focusing on the operational knowledge itself in terms of how it is defined, used and continuously improved.

Doing that well is always a challenge.

The digital-age blueprint uses the online environment as a platform for delivering a single, intuitive source of business knowledge.

However there needs to be a simple way to create and maintain the content without needing a new online authoring tool capability and without anyone having to acquire any new skills.

This is the way.


VIABA means business –

The name is derived from the word ‘viabara’, which means ‘business’ in the Badaga language.
It is pronounced “V-yeah-baa”.


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PHONE: +44 7910 122508



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